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How to Bench 315lbs – Part 1 of eBook

A Step by Step Guide to Benching 315 in Under 1 Year I fell in love with weight training. Instantly. It was everything about it. The way the weight felt, the pump, especially getting stronger. Plus every time I got stronger I looked better. Period. I looked like an athlete, heck like a bodybuilder. And every time I got a bit better more people noticed. Everyone had to know what I was doing it.I said 'I'm getting stronger. I knew out of the gate I wanted a BIG bench press. At that time it was 300lbs as that was what it took...


How to Increase your Squat to 500 lbs

A Progressive Strength Effort: Getting stronger is key to body recomposition. You know what all those sexy people look like. The problem most people have is obviously accepting this. Most people go to the gym and follow some useless routine in circles for years doing stupid shit where nothing ever happens or changes because they never challenge themselves, they let fear beat them. If you do not know what MORE work is then you need someone to teach you. MORE strength is required to see changes in the body or you WILL NOT change. Understanding that there is a root to...

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