$150.00 / day


Unlimited 24+ hour gym access! Come in whenever you want, even when nobody is in.
We provide you with your own custom code for full access to our facility.
Free training programs to follow!

Cog Muscle Waiver

COG Muscle Inc. COVID-19 Pandemic waiver:

  • I understand and waive my right to sue or seek remedy at anytime from COG Muscle Inc. for damages, distress or for any other reason in regards to COVID-19, during the period of COVID-19 or any related pandemic reason. We waive any responsibility for accidental injury, illness, or death that may occur on company grounds.
  • I accept there is inherent risk coming to COG Muscle Inc., participating in any way with COG Muscle Inc., or in any public setting and as such take full responsibility knowing this for any consequence.
  • I understand that if I do not sign this waiver, I and anyone with me is still responsible for appropriate action and the terms of this waiver I and any other waiver presented by COG Muscle Inc.
  • I will report any health risks or changes appropriately to COG and cancel or inform COG of them in a timely manner. It is my responsibility to cancel appropriately during COVID-19 should any changes occur as no exceptions or refunds will be made.
  • I will follow all COG rules and expectations exactly or be removed without compensation.
  • No cancellation due to corona virus or any health issue during COVID-19 will be refunded.
  • COG Muscle Inc. retains the right to cancel anyone for any reason or modify any session(s) without notice or compensation at anytime.