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How to Bench 315lbs – Part 1 of eBook

A Step by Step Guide to Benching 315 in Under 1 Year

I fell in love with weight training. Instantly. It was everything about it. The way the weight felt, the pump, especially getting stronger. Plus every time I got stronger I looked better. Period. I looked like an athlete, heck like a bodybuilder. And every time I got a bit better more people noticed. Everyone had to know what I was doing it.I said ‘I’m getting stronger.

I knew out of the gate I wanted a BIG bench press. At that time it was 300lbs as that was what it took to get a top spot on the school gyms wall as a top bench presser. When I hit 200lbs I looked better much better and different than where I started at 115lbs for a single rep and barely at that. When I hit 250lbs I started to look lean and big but when I broke that 300lbs with a 3 plate (315lbs as an 18-year-old) I was jacked! It was nuts.

I did that in less than 1 year of training as a senior. Then I joined a hardcore gym and saw real bodybuilders, some pro athletes and even wrestlers (!) that just played with the magic 3 plates. I knew my work had just begun. So the next phase of training was to get 400lbs but it was nowhere to be seen. For a very long time. SO HERE IS MY TRAINING LOG STEP BY STEP of exactly what to do to get to the goal you want without any unnecessary slowdowns or plateaus. Step by step with NO THINKING you will get to your goal. NO QUESTIONING what do I do this week or what’s the next target or how do I even add more weight to the bar. NOPE, its all here session by session. I have used this step by step many times with other people and it has worked every time. Every one of them has gotten more muscular and hit some really big bench press not to mention looks incredible.

How To Start

If you have never worked out then this book is actually perfect for you. There are plenty of guides online to teach you how to do any exercise you can think of so I won’t get into that here, but I do suggest unlike myself spend a little time at least doing some research or talk to someone who knows what they are talking about if you are not sure how to do an exercise. You have to find your strength. Basically goto page 1 of the routine and follow the exercises and once you have managed those base numbers start there. Until then work hard and smart and safe AND DONT BE SCARED OF THE WEIGHT unless you cannot control it. For everyone else find your equivalent to where I was in the bench press and probably start 3-6 sessions back. YES START behind. This is to help you get the most out of this program you can by making sure you aren’t thinking you can do more than you can and to give you a little time to get used to what I did. Master your mind. make it control and feel every single muscle in the body contracting or even just holding you in place. Learn to feel the weight and to contract the working muscle so you are in control not just moving weight around. Your hands might be connected to the bar but don’t just think about the bar going up WHAT IS THE CHEST DOING ?! Heck are the abs even tight? Once you catch up you will see I was right setting you back a bit as you will get more from the workouts themselves.


Above I mentioned controlling the weight. Always be alert and cognizant of the weight whatever you are doing with it.


The best thing you can ever do is have confidence. How often when you leave the house to go to the mall do you drive into a lamp post? Probably not ever right. Because before you left the house you already knew you wouldn’t do that. So when you come to your weights go through your workouts in your head like they are already done. Safely with every rep. Learn to convince yourself essentially then all you have to do is do the workout.  Or even do it set buy set if you like. It doesn’t matter just predetermine your actions and you will win every time. With all that being said, always be as smart as you can and if something really doesn’t feel right… don’t do it. Retry later when you are ready to. The same goes for basic injuries. Life happens always have them checked and always make sure if you have to workout you can workout around them. No point in slowing down the end goal.


Although this is a step by step guide life happens. This book is written around someone with a normal life so it accommodates a lot of energy usage but if you find yourself drained or for some reason not making numbers STOP. TAKE AFULL WEEK OFF and restart 3-6 training days back. You will get back in track this way guaranteed. Also make sure you get enough basic rest including sleep to feel good day today. Meet your requirements. As for the guide itself, it takes rest into account already for you so you don’t have to think about that either. Nothing goes straight up and when it does guess what happens next straight down sometimes lower than when you started. So no worries rest and pullbacks are accounted for as well.


Eating properly helps this guide immensely and stops reset from commonly or possibly ever happening. Eating right basically means putting back at least the energy you are spending. Remember recovering and gaining new muscle costs a lot more time and energy to rebuild and recover from than most people think hence why there are sometimes longer than average periods between some lifts or weights than others. I learned this the hard way you do not have to. It is easier to get stronger if your gaining weight. But this doesn’t mean you have to get fat as a house.  I find the sweet spot is around 10-15% above maintenance calories year round till you get your goal in strength or bodyweight your after. Above all else, this method stops you from getting fat, in fact so many times you find you just keep getting lean and have to add to your base calories frequently. If you chose your calories to be at break-even prepare for a very long journey. I t will work and if you really worry about your abs that much that’s great, that’s up to you just know you really won’t get fat when you are doing a progressive routine ever.

If you don’t eat enough calories you are basically about to do a diet weight loss phase and probably just get ripped but lose muscle as well. Its nearly impossible to gain muscle for any period of time once you are truly calorically deficient and in fact, the opposite happens 99% of the time instead. If you must diet for any reason hold your big lifts at 85% of your current best push workout weight in regular training for 5-10 reps once every 3 weeks, nothing else. This way you will hold most of your muscle but also burn the most fat possible. This also means you will be working hard while hungry. Lastly, weight and strength scale so whether you gain or lose weight the weight on the bar will always be in proportion. this is the basis of weight classes. But this also means if you start this routine at 200lbs and can bench press 175lbs but you train and get to 315 for 5 reps but still weigh 200lbs (and possibly less as most people under eat) you WILL be very different. you will look like an NFL running back, super muscular. You become weight you eat in calories. REMEMBER THAT. So whatever you weigh today it is because you eat some basic average of calories on a weekly basis and output some average. As you build muscle you will lose fat if you don’t overeat and gain muscle. This will change your requirements so keep notes. Lastly, the variety of food is important as is the amount of water and protein you get so make sure to cover the bases.

Don’t question change or modify just follow everything is running smoothly just follow the pages as is. You don’t need more work EVER. The more you workout the sooner you will hit a wall. Energy is finite once used the body hits a real plateau and only time fixes it. If you eat the right amount, especially see scale increases monthly or bi-monthly that are measurable, etc you are on the right track and you will hit the goals outlines faster than you think. Another word on energy. Don’t waste it. Basically people think volume builds muscle and all that. That’s true but you have to understand what you are saying when you say that.which is the stronger you? The one that bench presses 200lbs for 5 sets of 5 reps with 5 mins of rest?


The one that just does 200lbs for 25 reps straight? Obviously the one that does 25 straight. The volume is 25 reps but the work is done in much less time. This routine is designed around this matra:85% of all the muscle you will ever have is from the strength you gain. PERIOD. And this routine is designed around stimulating just enough muscle so you can recover and come back. I guarantee you can do a lot of work but see little gain for it. The reason is the body has a little to how much it can overcompensate and no amount of more work causes more growth. Don’t fool yourself. Remember the point of this book is to actually get you a crazy good end result and in a time that isn’t 10 years or more or worse yet never like most people. Or to put this another way as was famously said by Lee Haney:

Stimulate dont annihilate.

This guide does that perfectly and allows long term growth and progress so you can reach any inhuman goal you like or any reasonable one you want as well/ As easy as can be done. This guide has been tweaked already anyway. This guide is lifted form a training partner I had that I used y routine on and didn’t really change anything more than the removal of dead training spots. He got very big and very strong very fast! He got all my gains and beat them in only 16 months of training and was a crazy 275lbs of body weight with a near 500lbs bench press. You could do the same. Or you could be more like me and go for a lean athletic look but be very strong per pound of bodyweight. It’s addictive when its this easy.


I talked about this above but I will bring it up again as people mess this up all the time then say the program doesn’t work. You will rest the area and rebuild its strength slowly when you are ready. Rest as required or directed. Once healed or cleared for working out start 10 workouts back. 10 WORKOUTS BACK AT LEAST and rebuild slowly. Let your muscles relearn, your metabolism catch up and the body and mind prepare for more success. Also never let an injury stop you. I usually worked through them with light weight and managed to heal very rapidly by getting lots of blood flow through the area and the body in general. Lastly, I also ate clean so my body didn’t have to spend lots of time cleaning garbage out before it could get back to healing with all the nutrients I was intaking.

The Plan Is to stick to the Plan

Basically just copy what you see written. Preplan your meals and calories accordingly. Don’t skip meals or delay workouts when you don’t have to. Don’t add sets EVER. DONT add exercises EVERreplace exercises only if they cause injury or you are injured. Always get your appropriate calories ALWAYS.


Winning is getting to the end not floating in the middle so just go step by step and time passes.1 or 2 years might seem long right now but it will come and it will go and believe it or not there IS NO FASTER WAY THIS IS IT. So don’t try to speed anything up just go in get it done and then send me a pic in 6 months or a year thanking me you did what probably no one else you know ever has.

Note on measuring strength. I do not measure things in 1rm. There are a million reasons why so for the purpose of this step by step the guides assume you can do the starting weight any day of the week for 3 reps and possibly more. never fear to work below your max, you, like me will find I’m sure you will actually end up stronger at the end of a phase than if you started heavy.

Why am I not bench pressing more often? I have to address this because this comes up so frequently. As stated above your body only overcompensates so much after a certain amount of work is done. Without getting too deeply into this debate I will frame it like this: no matter what program you’re on even a 4 or 4 times a week bench press routine at the end of 8 or say 12 weeks you should see some gain. The more someone presses the more I see them NOT GAIN BUT in fact lose strength. Also if bench pressing more worked then you should be able to out bench press this routines gains by at least double and I have not ever once seen that happen. All I have learned is there are those that like to train and those that like to train inefficiently. Have at it. Do your thing, if you see results bless you. But other than perhaps a few top-end or very fresh guys sustained long term and injury-free results require your body to have time to recovery refuel and adapt and do all the other body things it does without compromise. So at the end of 8 weeks if both programs stimulate maximally and all else is equal then the result should be the exact same. I have never seen anyone get more from more than once a week training and in fact, 99% of the time get nothing. You are following a proven routine that is balanced out to get you top your goal with the appropriate amount of work for the least amount of downtown if you chose to stray or try something else you will most likely go backward. I say this not out of spite but again old man wisdom. I have along with many I have known made the mistake of this quantity is better than quality and have paid the price of long term stagnation or worse regression.

JUST STICK TO THE PLAN. The point is to just get strong. The stronger you are the bigger you are. PERIOD. How many small un-jacked 500lbs bench pressers can you find…? Right. So If you can put 50lbs on your bench press in 1-year training every other week or manage to do the exact same thing training bench 4 times a week all I know is your wasting a lot of time to inefficiency and if you can really recover that fast you will probably do better training less BECAUSE you will recover more between longer workouts. Sorry people it’s the opposite of what you think, deal with it. Also, I have never seen one actually put much strength on bench pressing more than once a week at least not due to the training routine itself. You have to be careful what you are measuring especially if you chose to cheat because what’s actually doing the work for you and what isn’t is hard to measure but a good routine always works whether you cheat or not. If you have to use drugs for a routine to work it isn’t the routine working, this I know 100%.


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    Written by: Mark the COGFather

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